Light Skin Vs Dark Skin

This topic have been one of the most ridiculous and outrageous topics talk about in the media world today. The African American society have been flooding this topic on the internet and also social media such as Instagram, Facebook and also Vine.

Even though this topic have recently been talked about, I feel that it started back a long time ago when African American girls thought lite skin guys were more attractive then dark or brown skin guys, and also when African American guys found lite skin girls more attractive than dark skin or brown skin girls. This topic have cause all kinds of drama and misconception in the African American society today.

Some African Americans also take the topic as a joke posting it on flyers and making non stop postings about it on Social Media saying “Light skin guys time is over Dark skin guys are in now”.




Former good music artist rapper Consequence made a song called “Red Bone” where he refers that light skin is the best skin. That also had a huge impact on this topic, because a lot of people in the black community was upset with the song. Here is what he had to say about they feedback he receive from the song.


In conclusion I really think all of this light skin vs dark skin thing is really getting out of hand. The African American society really need to stop embarrassing each other like this cause at the end of the day we are all African American. Also being dark skin doesn’t mean your ugly and being light skin doesn’t really make you cute. We are all equal and with that being¬† said we should stop the nonsense and come together as one.